• Why VIEWS?

    Why VIEWS?


    The idea of VIEWS began with imagining the perfect experience where fun meets work, and thrill meets inspiration. In fact, it didn't even start as a desire to create an event. It was quite the opposite...

    We chose Necker Island because of its unique character and nature - Sir Richard Branson’s paradise home and a place where adventurous minds come together, to play, work, celebrate or simply to escape the normal. We knew that, in order to create the atmosphere we were looking for, it had to be a non-commercial project - and we had ambitious plans from day one to make it the absolute best (un)conference experience there could be.

    We established Views to enjoy the company of inspiring and energizing people, expand friendships, learn new things, develop ideas, and challenge our minds in a spectacular, secluded piece of nature; probably the world’s best private island. We knew that this wouldn't be an event packed with structured discussions. Instead, it would also provide the space and opportunity for casual conversations… where sometimes the best ideas are built.

    We look forward to hosting such a diverse group of exceptional people - a carefully curated group of thought leaders, digital veterans and the newcomers, artists, musicians, creators and more.

    Stay tuned for more information about the program, speakers and other announcements about the event as we collaborate to make Views yours.

    - Miha Mikek